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    Online LPN to RN: Charlet Earns Her ADN and RN with help from The College Network Nursing Program


    by CollegeNetwork

    As a single, working mother, Charlet Blades couldn't quit work to go back to school. After 25 years as an LVN, the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program allowed Charlet to earn her ADN and RN license with help from The College Network while continuing to work full time.

    Charlet was able to study for her exams online from the comfort of home. Being able to review her test results immediately after completing the exam kept Charlet excited and motivated to move on to the next section of her studies. "It was so do-able. I was just reaching out for the next experience," Charlet said. "[I] wanted to see that next A."

    "Having my associate's degree changed my life completely. It opened doors I only dreamed about. I'm a nurse educator now; that's something I always longed to do."

    "I used The College Network's [study materials] because they were easy to read," Charlet said. "I understood the language that was in it. It built on the foundation of knowledge I already had. It was an opportunity for me to reach out and get the education I needed without having to work so hard to understand it."

    "I wish I had done it years ago," Charlet said. "When I first heard of The College Network and saw the [study materials] for the first time, I knew it was an open window and I flew through it."

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