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Perfect Bridal Makeup

il y a 5 ans3.9K views

Hello beautiful buttercups!

I think every girl asks themselves, What bride do I wanna be? It's a pretty simple answer. I want to be a HAPPY bride..... but also stunning beautiful at the same time, LIKE A FLOATING ANGEL!! Haha, it's true. Every bride wants to look their best for the most special day in their life.

I'll be doing my own makeup for my Wedding this year so I've been on FIRE seeking hairstyle and makeup inspiration. Every bride is different but this is the perfect bridal look for me.

This bridal look enhances a bride's natural beauty without covering it completely. I've said this before but the bride should be wearing the makeup. The makeup shouldn't be wearing the bride. The result? You still look like yourself- just enhanced.

This look is created to complement a Wedding gown. It's simple but beautiful, long lasting and photographs well too. I realized how expensive getting your makeup done can be so if you can, why not do it yourself? When people ask about your make