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    Pareidolia - Rorschach ? Elizabeth Taylor ?

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    Son & Lumière / Sound & Lights + Mobiles by Julie Meitz
    Workshop Collectif Coin, La Ferme du Vinatier - Fête des Lumières, Bron, France 2012
    Tools: Ableton Live + Max/Msp

    FR (English below)
    Deux mobiles de cette installation ont été réalisés par Frédéric Cesbron
    Je vois la tête d'une sorcière et j'entends Elizabeth Taylor ! Que voyez-vous et qu’entendez-vous ?
    Un jeu de lumières et d'ombres entre les taches d'encre de Rorschach et d'ambigus mobiles en papier.

    Two mobiles of this installation were made by Frédéric Cesbron
    I see the head of a witch and I hear Elizabeth Taylor ! What do you see & hear ?
    A light and shadow play between Rorschach's ink blots and ambiguous paper mobiles.

    NOTES (English only):
    This installation was made within 2 weeks time; searching for the music and mixing it, 1 day.
    IMO the music mix is too long for a simple mobile installation like this because even though I try to alter the patterns of light frequently, we quickly understand it, and then it's a bit boring because nothing is moving (I thought about rotating the mobiles with motors, but too complex and no time). I say all this because it's not like watching the cinema, so shorter would have made this simple installation more dynamic. And as usual, pressed for time and doing everything myself, I only figured this out the day of the showing ;-) Live and learn continuously...and maybe one day find a partner to work with...

    Mix de musique par Julie Meitz composé de (en ordre):
    Music mix by Julie Meitz composed of (in order):
    Airport announcer - Thor Vandahl
    Bats flap - TreyC
    Darkest Child - Kevin Macleod (main score / score principal)
    People praying in the abbaye de la Cambre (Brussels, Belguim) - Felix Blume
    Extrait du film "Suddenly Last Summer" (1959) with Elizabeth Taylor.
    Ad - Andrew Duke
    Coquette French style phone - Freqman
    Laughs Session 2 - FreeSound
    Big dog barking 02 - Mich3D
    Epanody faster breathing - Epanody
    Une adorable petite fille debordante d'imagination - Macabeu22
    Countdown - Corsica-S

    Source de la musique: &