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    Life in the USSR 1947


    by toqtaqiya

    American propaganda paints life in the Soviet Union as being full of gloom and oppression. It paints the Soviet Union as a place where it was always cold, dark and where you couldn't do anything. It paints the Soviet Union as a place where people couldn't even smile. Actually, in this respect American propaganda isn't any different from Nazi propaganda. Yes, be it the Muslims, the Mongols, the Aztecs, the Japanese or even the Germans you can always count on some nasty concoctions about the so-called enemies. Heck, nowadays people even fear evil space aliens. Strangely, people still believe in these ridiculous lies. This is because they are thoroughly brainwashed by capitalist oligarchs. Here's a video to give people a better understanding of what life back then was really like. If life in the Soviet Union was that bad then why did the population increase by 100 million during that period? In comparison, the population of the United States and of other Western countries hasn't been growing for decades now even though some Americans still claim that they have it better than everybody else in the world. Yes, stagnation has set in. It seems that fake democracy isn't what people need for a prosperous life. What people really need is communism.