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    Rotten System: 'Pakistan govt on verge of corruption collapse'

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Pakistan's government has reportedly agreed to the demands of a firebrand cleric in return for ending a mass sit-in of tens of thousands of his supporters around parliament. A team of officials are understood to be holding talks with Dr Tahir-Ul Qadri, who's calling on the government to resign. Earlier, he'd issued the government with an ultimatum to start negotiating with him, threatening further action. The political chaos in the country has also deepened after the government clashed with the top court - whose order to arrest the Prime Minister over a corruption case was refused. Officials have accused the judiciary and the military of a conspiracy. RT has talked exclusively to the protest leader, who told us what it is exactly, what he means when he calls for revolution.
    RT gets more on this stand-off between government and protesters, with Ahmed Quraishi, President of the Paknationalists Forum lobbying group.


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