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    Natal Cleft - "Paradise" Official


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Natal Cleft
    Song Title: Paradise
    Genre: Cerebral Metal
    Band City, Country: Cebu City, Philippines
    Director Name: Darrs Diaz

    Band Biography: BIOGRAPHY:(Words by: Sirrom)

    Hailing from a 3rd world country(Philippines), Natal Cleft still managed to make a noise in the international metal scene. They just wanted to share their passion for metal and it all started when they made it to top 1 in metal charts at Signmeto Roadrunner Records. A&R gave them 7 out of 10 and fellow musicians and metalhead fanatics across the globe hailed them as skilled musicians. Some claimed Natal Cleft has an original sound making them apart from other bands. Some touted them as Technical blackdeath metal,others say they are Prog/grind jazz metal. But according to frontman Zeek(this guy has an evil powerful voice, Monte Conner respected his prowess),they call their music as Cerebral metal.Natal Cleft songs are played in international radio and web stations and they have already an international fanbase. Musicians who worked with David Lombardo(Slayer) are also fans of the band and they never hesitated to spread the virus of Natal Cleft. The band was offered to have a European tour with Nightrage, Scar of the Sun, Devastating Enemy and Deadlock but the tour was not realized because Deadlock cant make it.Coheed and Cambria's bassist as well as Sonic Syndicate's vox also appreciated the band. With all these accomplishments eventhough the band is on DIY staff,all they need is a prestigious family to represent them.I know these guys will be amassing album sales.If I was not mistaken,when myspace came,the band and Century Media had a conversation(thru myspace) to pass a demo but the band only recorded one song.And now it has come to this point that CM will be the first choice of the band to be a part of.

    Technically, Natal Cleft means a butt crack but Cleftomaniacs(fans of the band) claimed that its a metaphor that the band KICKS BUTT or shall we say KICKS ASS because of their cerebral original sound.Zeek's powerful dynamic evil voice will haunt your brain cells.While Atan's and Darrs' punishing technical rare riffs will be on a repeat mode in your soul.Rex's bass lines are way way too mature and soothing as well as diabolic.Denden's drumlines are versatile. I have listened to all their songs and each one is a masterpiece.And they are tight live to the point of goosebumps crawling in your existence.Dynamics and always exciting as well as unpredictable patterns.Gifted musicans indeed.The future of SMART METAL is here!Hails NATAL CLEFT!

    Words of Todd Mendieta(USA/Costa Rica) on Natal Cleft music Great guitar and drum work and sounds very different than the average death metal band around here. Vocals are very high pitched, but I like that only because it is different and I gather thats why A and R rating you so high for your originality. Your drummer fuckin kicks ass! Happy Holidays! You guys must be very tired at the end of your set!lol!You guys have pretty much made the rest of these types of bands look like they just stepped out of their diapers!lol!10/10 from me and a pick in my favorites!Your fuckin video is the shit!!! Love you guys! If A and R don't sign you, then there is no hope for any of us!"


    Song Lyrics: PARADISE

    still asleep in this drab existence
    tried to wake up
    its all the same
    don't force me to stay
    i won't lead the way

    its payback time
    rot in my place
    feel your empty soul
    you cant paint the future here anymore
    i am you future
    paradise here in hell

    inhale the smoke of your sins
    inhale some more
    you can use the pipe
    fly with your demise
    you can use the pipe
    get high you dupe

    suffocate the shame,you are to be blamed

    when will we see the light
    where are you
    we walked through the fire and we always get burned
    trust turned into ashes
    suffocation of greed
    stealing our abundance
    allying against us

    ill lead you to eternal damnation
    vomit fire on you

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