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    Springhill Medical Group: Springhill Medical Services

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    Springhill Medical Group is a multi-specialty medical group providing primary and specialty care services with offices in Antioch, Brentwood and Pittsburg California.
    • Gerald Del Rio, M.D. Internal Medicine/primary care & Pulmonary Medicine specialist
    • Siamak Elyasi, M.D. Family practice/Primary care
    • Henry Gong, M.D. Cardiology specialist
    • Hsien-Wen Hsu, M.D. Pulmonary Medicine specialist
    • Irina Kolomey, D.O, Internal Medicine - Primary Care
    • Pragnesh Patel, M.D. Endocrine specialist
    • Alejandro Prieto, M.D. Cardiology specialst
    • Michael Russell, M.D. Internal Medicine
    • Angelita Tangco, M.D. Neurology specialist
    • Wengang Zhang, M.D. Internal Medicine/Primary care
    For more detailed information on all the physicians in Springhill Medical Group click on the Physician tab.

    • Comprehensive screening with an emphasis on preventation and healthy lifestyle changes to promote health
    • Patient and family education, most written education materials availale in English and Spanish
    • Complete physical exams including well woman exams
    • Vaccinations (does not include vaccines for travel)
    • EMG (nerve conduction studies)
    • EKG
    • Echocardiogram of the heart and carotid ultrasound
    • Thyroid ultrasound and Fine needle biopsy of the thryoid
    • 24 hour Holter cardiac monitoring
    • Cardiac Stress Test
    • Spirometry
    • Myocardial perfusion nuclear medicine studies
    • Pulmonary Function Studies
    • DMV and employment physicials
    • Occupational health and workman's compensation (not all physicians, we do not offer drug testing)
    • 24 hour answering service with access to on call physicians
    • Admission and follow-up at Sutter Delta Medical Center and John Muir Medical Center/Concord campus
    • Admission and follow-up care at local Convalescent Hospitals (not all physicians)