Women On Target 2012


by TrueBlueSam

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The Carmi Rifle Club host the NRA's Women on Target every year for women who want to learn how to shoot and safely handle firearms.


TrueBlueSam, thanks a lot for identifying the tunes! The YT copyright policy (although I would be tempted to say the word "policy" is not adequate...) is excessive and erratic. I do have a video rejected on DM now and then, but relatively few (1 or 2 %) and best of all, they immediately tell after upload instead of months or even years later.
By kspm0220s 2 years ago
Bluin' the Blues was one of my YT uploads, but I took it down when they said there was matched content. They haven't complained about the others. I just took down fourteen videos that YT said someone owned rights on. I need to use this site more. How do other YT'ers stay out of trouble with old records? I have had them complain about some that are 100 years old.
By TrueBlueSam 2 years ago
Bluin' The Blues and Sensation Rag by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band; Lovin' Sam by Bennie Krueger's Orchestra, 1923.
By TrueBlueSam 2 years ago
What are the orchestras playing in the background and which tunes are they performing?
By kspm0220s 2 years ago