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    Godzilla on Monster Island - Credits


    by TheH-Man

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    Thanks to Allen Perkins.

    Original opening title, credits and "The End" card for GODZILLA ON MONSTER ISLAND, Cinema Shares' 1978 American version of GODZILLA VS. GIGAN.

    Cinema Shares shut down in the mid-80s and many of the company's movies (including its three Godzilla films) fell into public domain. In 1988, New World Home Video licensed GIGAN and GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA from Toho and released the original international versions of both movies on video. During the 90s, the Sci-Fi Channel secured the broadcast rights to the three Cinema Shares titles from Toho and would continue to air these edited versions* until 2002.

    *Toho must not have had an adequate video master for GODZILLA VS. THE COSMIC MONSTER, so Sci-Fi got the uncut international version with a new title card. As mentioned, both MEGALON and MONSTER ISLAND were the original American versions.