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    Library Wants to Ban Sleeping Visitors

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    by Geo Beats

    A library in Iowa City is proposing a sleep ban.

    Officials at a library in Iowa City are debating whether or not to implement a sleep ban. Many local residents have complained about the abundance of dozing people, who come to the establishment and pass out in couches and chairs.

    A library visitor states “You can find at least one to five people sleeping in different areas of the library. It makes other people uncomfortable.”

    On top of occupying space that could be used by those who are there to study, the tired visitors are also known to disrupt others by snoring.

    Last year, libraries in Newport Beach began cracking down on visitors. The City Council approved a policy which allowed employees to remove patrons who sleep, use foul language, or possess bad hygiene.

    Anybody who wore strong perfume or cologne could also be asked to leave. While some thought the rules were geared towards the homeless, officials claim that the goal was to curb disruptive behavior in the public buildings.

    Do you think sleeping should be banned from libraries?