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    100 Years Ago Today - January 18, 1913

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

    What was the world like in 1913? Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from January 18th, 1913.

    Number 5 - Hot dog eating contests are popular now. 1913's version of that was the pancake eating contest. The front page story noted that Rev. Harold Paul Sloan was the winner after eating 32 pancakes. He ended up beating Mrs. Charles Hammel who gave up after 31 pancakes.

    Number 4 - A failed burglary reveals a lot about life during those days. 13-year-old Edward McCarthy spots John Callahan in his home packing silverware. He stops him right away by pointing an unloaded gun at him. Minutes later, Edward's mother walks in through the door and immediately jumps on the thief. And then many neighbors join to hold the burglar. In the meantime, Edward runs 7 blocks to get the cops. Remember, 911 didn't exist until 1968.

    Number 3 - Need new shirts? Macy's is having a sale - 6000 quality men's shirts at 63 cents each. Better make a run for it before they are all gone.

    Number 2 - Running a poker club was dangerous business as validated by the front page story of a raid on a women's poker den. When the cops busted through the door of a luxury upper west Manhattan apartment, the poker playing women unsuccessfully ran about hysterically, screaming and trying to dodge by detectives. The report was quite thorough - it even mentioned that one of the poker tables was mahogany while the other was golden oak.

    Number 1 - So what were some of the hottest professions in 1913? If you believed a representative from the Vocational Bureau of Boston, they involved housework. In her opinion - It takes brains to be a good cook - while anyone could be an average lawyer, doctor, dentist, or druggists. Not surprisingly, many listening to her talk weren't impressed.