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    Gold Bars Worth $36B Being Transported to Berlin

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    Gold bars worth $36B are being transported to Berlin.

    Don't tell the bad guy from Die hard, but 54 thousand bars of gold that are owned by Germany are being moved from New York, and Paris by the Bundesbank, the central Bank of Germany.

    All of the gold bars are being moved to the Bundesbank's headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The 54 thousand bars of gold are worth nearly 36 billion dollars, and the German bank is not giving out details about the move.

    Most of the world’s gold is kept in high security vaults like the one 80 feet below the street level of the New York Federal Reserve in Manhattan, and a few of the world’s other major banks including the Bank of England in London and the Banque de France in Paris.

    Only 8 percent of Germany’s gold that is kept in the New York Federal Reserve is being moved, after the German Court of Auditors claimed that gold being held outside of the country hadn’t been physically verified and wasn’t being controlled properly.