CGR Undertow - STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 review for PlayStation

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Street Fighter Alpha 3 from Capcom for Playstation 1. While originally seen just as a side series, the Alpha series instituted many things that would later go on to define the Street Fighter series, with the third game being the cultivation of all these ideas. The game offers three different specials to choose, each known as a different "ism." Which one you choose will determine how you are going to fight, and can completely change the strategy of the match. The game also introduced the World Tour mode, which has you choosing a fighter and leveling them up through fights. It introduced RPG elements to a fighting game. Of course, the game has returning characters and new ones, but the changes to the gameplay make this a lasting addition to the Street Fighter series. This video review features video gameplay footage of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for Playstation 1 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.

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