Elena "Rips" Out Stefan's Heart! Vampire Diaries Recap 4X10

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As promised, the winter return of the Vampire Diaries also meant the return of Rebekah and boy oh boy did she bring her A-game. Still angry from being staked the group several episodes ago, Rebekah is back and definitely seeking vengeance. As an original vampire the blonde beauty has the power to compel pretty much anyone, vampires included. That thought in mind, Bex comes on the scene and throws the whole group into a tailspin when she compels Elena to reveals every last detail about her feelings for Damon to Stefan. Elena, under this compulsion, tells Stefan in no uncertain terms that she slept with Damon and that she's in love with him. Then to really just dig in and tear Stefan apart, Elena goes on to reveal that yes, she still loves Stefan, but she's not in love with him. I have to say, Paul Wesley did an amazing job in these difficult scenes, and really brought the pain and sadness to life in a very believable way. And it's safe to say that Stefan is finally over trying to win back Elena, or so it seems. In fact, he asks Rebekah to compel him to forget everything about loving her, but of course Rebekah says that would be too easy and says no. Later in the episode though, Stefan and Rebekah make an unlikely alliance, bonding over their loneliness and common hatred of each of their brothers.

Other big moments in last night's episode include Professor Shane's big reveal that he has very dark plans, which we think will ultimately bring everyone in mystic falls -- originals and all -- together under a new common enemy. Also, Elena tells Damon that she loves him, and he is totally blown away. Jeremy continues to face his new fate as a vampire hunter, and we're expecting that portion of the plot to get amped up big-time next week. But, we're still caught up on the romance drama -- how did you feel about the Stefan and Elena scenes in this episode? We know there are a lot of Delena fans out there, but come on, didn't this just rip your heart out at least a little bit too????

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Hosted by: Joslyn Davis