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    Why Does White Bread Taste Better?

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Learn why white bread tastes so good.

    White bread continues to be a popular choice for consumers. Even though many nutritionists tout wheat bread as healthier - why does white bread still win?

    The answer has been looked into by scientists from the Flavor Research and Education Center at the University of Minnesota who concluded it is the lack of a chemical in white bread called ferulic acid that allows the distinctive aroma and flavor characteristics to be produced when baked.

    Ferulic acid is found in the wheat bran in whole grain breads, and inhibits the production of the molecule that creates the smell associated with baking white bread.

    Many companies that make whole grain bread add sugar and salt to enhance the flavor characteristics of the bread, but that can end up canceling out the nutritional benefit of eating whole grain bread instead of white bread.

    Whole grain bread baked with all parts of the wheat grain kernel contains more fiber, and nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium and zinc compared to white bread which is baked with refined grains like flour.

    A 2010 report estimated that 40 percent of Americans do not consume any whole grains in their diet.

    What do you think? Is white bread tastier than whole grain bread?