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    Thief Returns Gold Rings After 15 Years

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    by Geo Beats

    A thief returns stolen gold rings after 15 years.

    Talk about a good hearted bandit.

    A family was recently reunited with four gold rings when a thief returned them after 15 years.

    31-year-old Margot had been a teenager living in Chicago. She decided to invite a couple friends over, however a lot of people showed up. The huge house party soon got out of hand.

    Unfortunately, some of Margot's family’s possessions got stolen at that party. The most sentimental pieces were four wedding bands that had belonged to her parents and grandparents.

    The family thought they were gone for good, until Margot’s mother received a letter with the rings enclosed. It read “I am so truly sorry. As an adult I realize how sentimental items like this can be. “ The anonymous writer signed it as a “sincerely regretful dumb kid who wants to right a wrong”.

    Last year, another man was reunited with a stolen item. Bob Russell was the proud owner of a 1967 Austin- Healey when, back in 1970 after a date with his future wife, he woke up to find his car had been stolen.

    42 years later, Russell found his car on eBay. After going to the police, he was eventually able to bring it back home.