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    Trailer: Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? by Morgan Spurlock VO

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    When Morgan Spurlock and his wife find out they are expecting a child in an unsafe world that faces multiple terrorist and environmental threats, Morgan decides to track down the world's most wanted and dangerous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, undergoes self-defense training, takes all required medical shots, and sets out to travel to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan amongst others to try and locate the man who has managed to elude the American army for nearly a decade. His fears, generated due to biased media coverage that Muslims and Arabs are hostile, are laid to rest when he does encounter friendly, and quite refreshingly well educated, hospitable, politically matured men and women, who are well aware of America's faulty 'foreign policy', and do not subscribe to Jihad nor to the Taliban nor Osama's terror-tactics. But he does encounter some hostility...

    Morgan Spurlock zet zijn zinnen op de beruchte terroristenleider Bin Laden en vraagt zich af waarom hij nog steeds niet gevonden is, zodat hij berecht kan worden. Per kameel reist hij het Midden-Oosten af op zoek naar Bin Laden en zet zich in om de uitgeloofde premie van 25 miljoen dollar door de Amerikaanse overheid op te strijken.

    Morgan Spurlock sur les traces de Ousama Ben Laden.