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    BO2 SnD: 1100 Scorestreak Points in a SINGLE ROUND of Search


    by NextGenTactics

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    So it appears as though I may have achieved a near-perfect round in Search and Destroy with a total of 1,100 Scorestreak Reward Points. Not quite perfect since I actually died in the round, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

    For video submissions, please e-mail Remember, we're looking for Round Ace's, 4+ man Clutches, and absolutely NO set up gameplay as mentioned in the video. Please include the following information in your e-mails:
    1) Platform (PS3 or Xbox 360)
    2) Your PSN or Xbox Live ID
    3) The Day and Time of your Gameplay
    4) What Map the Gameplay is From
    5) Your YouTube ID if You Want us to Promote You

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