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    Steubenville - 14 Year Old Ignored


    by XenagogueVicene

    Another victim of the Steubenville 'rape crew' Jane Doe #2 has come forward, the woman in the video speaks of this victim who was attacked on the night of the Senior Prom in April, 2012.

    "I would like to thank everyone so much for their support for Jane Doe. It means the world to me that everyone has stood by her side. It has given me the courage to come forth with my own story of sexual assault. I was too molested by members of Big Red High School athletics. I was taken to a party in April 2012 with Big Red students C, A, J , C and the infamous assaultist, M who made the long 'humor' video. They gave me beer and lots to drink and I thought we were having a good time.

    Suddenly the enviroment of the party shifted. The boys were making crude, sexual jokes and touching me inappropriately. I told them to stop but they continued laughing off my pleads. I tried going to other rooms in the party to stay safe in the company of others but they followed. At one point they must’ve spiked my drink with something. I started to feel sick and the 5 insisted on helping me to a bedroom to rest as I was becoming more and more stranglely intoxicated. I couldn’t even resist at this point.

    Once they got me in the back room, they strip off my clothes and theirs. The drug they had gave me made completely cognizant of what was occuring but I was unable to move my body at all. During the next hour and a half, they each took turns violating and penetrating me orally, anally and vaginally with their penises, fingers and tongues. I’ve never lived through anything more dehumanizing, vulgar and disgusting in my life. When they were done with me, they dressed and left me in that room, brutalized, confused and vomiting.

    When I regained some sense of control of my body, I called a friend and had her picked me up and take me home. She tried asking me what happened but at that point my memory was so hazy. They next day I recounted what I could remember of the events to her. She was in utter disbelief, so she asked Keenan who she was close with what had happened and told him my side. He, of course, denied everything. Sadly, she began to side with him now."

    ............ UK Dailymail
    Her story appears to bear troubling similarities to the case currently scandalizing America in which the victim was allegedly raped while unconscious as others looked on, filmed and photographed events.

    MailOnline has been told that the alleged incident took place at a Prom party at a Steubenville High School student’s home where alcohol was being consumed.

    He said: ‘The last I heard the girl had recanted and said it was consensual.’ In fact mother and daughter went to the City Police Department and the girl, who was 14 at the time of the alleged incident, in early September. The girl went onto provide a video statement.