'Scarface' Duo Taking On Joe Paterno Biopic

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We reported to you a few months back that Al Pacino was rumored to be attached to the film that would tell the life story of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno. And according to Deadline.com, we have more reason to think this film is in the works with director Brian De Palma helming the project. This would be the third time the De Palma and Pacino duo have worked together, and the team are most known for their work on the 1983 classic gangster film, Scarface. The film reportedly has a working title called Happy Valley, which might have a script that focuses on the New York Times best selling biography of Joe Paterno, called Paterno written by Joe Posnanski. Formerly, Paterno was the winningest coach in football history at Penn State, but was abruptly fired in light of a huge scandal involving his defensive coordinators prolific pedopillia being exposed, with Paterno knowing about such atrocities and covering them up. Paterno died just months after his firing from Penn State. So, with all of its complexities this can't be the easiest story to portray, but perhaps the Scarface duo could be the right team to tell it? I'd like to hear from you all on this one. Do you think we are ready to see this project on the big screen or do you think it's just too soon? Please shoot us a comment down below, and sub to our channel above so we can keep you updated as things develop on this story. Thank you guys so much for watching us here at ClevverMovies. Im Erin White, see you soon.