'Gremlins' Reboot Being Planned

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There is a rumor out there that Warner Bros is looking to reboot one of our favorite childhood scary movies, and its the one film that taught me a valuable lesson: that while furry animals may look adorable, those boogers are just one snickers bar away from ruining your whole night. If you're lost out there, Warner Bros might be looking to educate you by bringing back the 1984 horror comedy, Gremlins. That's according to Vulture, who says the studio has been in talks of bringing back the mammals turned reptiles for several years now, but because of Academy Award winner, Steven Spielbergs attachment to the original film as producer, bringing Gizmo back may prove to be a bit problematic. Apparently, there won't be a "Gremlins" without Spielbergs involvement. And with his busy schedule with upcoming films like the Transformers sequel, Robopocolypse, as well as Jurassic Park 4, we aren't sure he will have much time to commit to such an undertaking for several years. So this poses the question of whether fans of the original films would even want to see a modern day take on Mogwai. Would Warner Bros honor the old school puppet approach, or would we see a CGI version instead? Would it be a reboot, or a sequel of sorts? So, I wanna know your thoughts out there on this. Get the conversation going down below, and tweet us your thoughts over on twitter at ClevverMovies. From our studio in Hollywood, Im Erin White...and dont feed your pets after midnight. See you soon