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Classic Game Room - DISHONORED review for PC


by ClassicGameRoom

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Dishonored review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com Shop CGR shirts and mugs! http://www.CGRstore.com Classic Game Room reviews DISHONORED, which explodes off the screen with high production values and lavish detail as you explore the fictitious city of Dunwall after being framed for assassinating the Empress and kidnapping her daughter. The player controls Corvo, an assassin who gains magical skills that enable him to warp, or "blink" around the city, slow time, possess people and summon flesh eating rats. In his quest for truth Corvo can take a stealth approach and pacify the population by knocking out guards and choosing peaceful solutions, or he can slaughter the entire city and raise the chaos level pitch. Dishonored has multiple endings that depend on how the player chooses to play the game. Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios released Dishonored on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC with stunning visuals and creative details that may remind players of Bioshock. Rated M for violence, language and subject matter, Dishonored is aimed at a mature audience looking for a challenge. Completing the game with stealth is a far more difficult task than playing it like a crazed lunatic and non-violent actions are rewarded with a happier ending and brighter future. Corvo is able to collect money throughout Dunwall and spend it on magic and weapon upgrades to aide him in a stealth or action approach to the game. Weapons include crossbows, pistols, grenades, mines and a vile swarm of man-eating rats which steal the show.