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    Passbook How To: How To Push Update to a Passbook Pass

    Pass Kit

    by Pass Kit

    This video shows how you can quickly and easily experience Passbook Push Updates with PassKit.

    To get a free PassKit Account and quickly and easily create passbook passes today simply go to and register.

    In a production environment you or your systems would update the pass once it has been used or you have received a top-up payment.

    1. Open Safari in your iPhone or iPod Touch (with the latest Operating System installed iOS6)
    2. Go to
    3. Scroll down to the sample passes
    4. Select the AbraKebabra Pass
    5. Tap the Add to Passbook Button
    6. Enter your name and email address in the text fields. (The email address is for Pass recovery, should you lose your phone or accidentally delete the Pass. This comes as a standard feature on all PassKit Passes so your customers have complete peace of mind).
    7. Tap the Add to Passbook Button
    8. And then when the Pass is displayed in your phone, tap the Add Button (in the top right hand corner)
    9. Come back to your Home Screen and open the Passbook app
    10. Choose the AbraKebabra Pass
    11. Tap the i icon (in the bottom right hand corner) to flip the Pass
    12. Tap the Update Pass URL
    13. Type the Password (which is 123)
    14. Tap the Access Pass button
    15. Enter a new balance (this can be anything you like... just make sure it's a different number to the current balance)
    16. Select Push Pass to push this updated balance to the Passbook Pass
    17. Tap Update Passbook Pass
    18. Now lock your phone
    19. In a few seconds, you will receive a lock screen message
    20. Swipe the icon from left to right and your updated Passbook Pass will appear and the new balance is circled.

    If you want to use the AbraKebabra Pass Template as a starting point for your own Pass designs simply click Edit Pass Template and it will load up in the Pass Designer
    You can then customise for your own business. You can change the colours, images, content etc..
    Note that '%u' inserts the Pass Update URL on the back of the Pass when the Pass is created

    Once you have made the Pass look and feel how you want it for your business, remember to Save the Pass and the Pass Template will be saved to your PassKit Account

    If you are not logged into your PassKit Account at the time then you'll be prompted to login or register.

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