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    BonerJams7 Punked Out RatedRRaj


    by BonerJams7

    One of the bigger online ass whoopins of all time. RatedRRaj deleted his account of many years with 100s of subscribers who loved watching this geek post videos of him cheating in video games. Man said he's never lost an argument but everyone in the room said I beat him. He had to make fake account to lie and side with him yet he pretends I did this. Didn't know anyone could make 20 accounts within 30 min. It was clear... the guy had no ammo and stole what I used on him and tried to pull it off against me but got slapped down. I was always a few steps ahead of him which everyone saw. He knows he lost. Plus... he didn't even get the last word which was his only goal since he knew he couldn't win an argument with me. Enjoy.