Black Widow Spiders Discovered in Shipment

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by Geo Beats

Black widow spiders are discovered in company's shipment.

You don't want to mess with black widow spiders - they are feared for their venomous bite.

Employees working in a business near Norwich, UK were stunned to open a shipment of tires sent from a company in Arizona.

The deadly black widow spiders were found in the container. Officials believe the spiders nested and hatched in the shipment during the 5,000 mile venture.

Fortunately, pest control authorities killed the small creatures.

Late last year a woman in Connecticut discovered a black widow spider in a bag of grapes, purchased from Whole Foods. The spider was still alive.
Whole Foods claimed that it could be true since no pesticides were used.

They offered the woman a replacement or refund in light of the incident. According to National Geographic, the venom of black widow spiders is roughly 15 times stronger than that of rattlesnakes.

A bite from a black widow can result in muscle aches, paralysis of the diaphragm and nausea.