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    University Offers a Minor in Hip-Hop

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A university offers a minor in hip-hop.

    The University of Arizona in Tucson has become the first college to offer a minor in hip hop studies.

    The university already offered several classes on the subject with an assortment of disciplines that focus on different aspects of hip hop culture like films and music.

    The professors decided to organize all of the classes together so that students could have the option to take a hip hop studies minor as part of the Africana studies program.

    The classes aren’t just about listening to music, but the effect that hip hop has on politics, religion, business, and culture.

    The classes offered by the program include Hip-Hop Cinema, US and Francophone Hip-Hop cultures, Blacks in Hollywood, and Pan-African Dance Aesthetics to name a few.

    Cornell University also makes an academic pursuit of the music genre and currently has the largest hip hop collection of music, fliers, photography, and memorabilia objects.

    Steven Pond, chairman of Cornell’s Music Department, congratulated the University of Arizona on their new minor saying: “I think it's a very positive development to see hip-hop enter the academy, even if it's a decade or even a generation late."

    What do you think? Should more disciplines be offered in college?