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    Genetic Study Connects Early Migration From India to Australia

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    A genetic study connects Australia with India.

    A genetic study has shown a possible ancient connection between indigenous aboriginal Australians, and migration of people from the Indian subcontinent that happened about 4 thousand years ago.

    Until the recent study coauthored by a team of researchers, the continent of Australia was believed to have been isolated from outside contact after the first humans arrived there an estimated 40 thousand years ago.

    According to fossil and stone records, the Indian migrants may have also brought dingo dogs and basic stone tools known as microliths to Australia.

    The study concluded that an estimated 11 percent of DNA in aboriginal people comes from the descendants of the Indian emigrants.

    Further investigations show that the people from India might have traveled by boat to reach the Australian continent.

    Another example of DNA evidence linking ancient people to their origins is the case of a hair found in western Greenland in 2010 that belonged to a man that lived 4 thousand years ago.

    DNA tests showed that his ancestors were originally from Siberia.

    A 2008 study in Europe found that people’s DNA could show their ancestors roots and predict where they came from within hundreds of kilometers.