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This was a challenging animation. The first approach we took was a complete failure! The concept in my head didn't quite come out like I had planned. What made it challenging was trying to keep the angles of the icon in line with the different ideas.

Technical: I made a little square in a composition with a buffer of empty space around it in one composition. I then added a tile effect to that composition and stretched it vertically and horizontally. In order to make the grid do the "wave" I lowered the opacity of the grid to form a guide. I made one copy that I masked to form one sequence of squares vertically and added a simple movement in z space at the beginning. I then used the lower opacity grid as a guide for copying the single sequence vertical grids after changing the x position and staggered the beginning of each of these copies. In order to keep things in perspective I made sure that the grid was moving in x space from left to right so the angle was from the camera and not the objects. Next, I added depth of field from the camera. I then just masked out the grid as the icon "crop" tool came in to close. That's pretty much it!

Logo Animations: www.spinmylogo.com
Explainer Videos: www.pandamotion.com