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    Do Not Call Company Fined for Pesky Sales Calls

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A Do Not Call company is fined for pesky ales calls.

    Do Not Call database was created so you wouldn't get bothered by unsolicited callers.

    Well, the company that operates the Do Not Call Register in Australia has been fined for making nuisance calls to thousands of Melbourne residents residents.

    Service Stream Solutions was penalized $110,000 for illegally contacting thousands of homes, offering to install energy effect light bulbs and standby power controllers.

    The calls were reportedly made from the firm's telemarketing department which is separate from the Do Not Call Register division.

    A communications and media investigation was launched and officials discovered that phone numbers were wrongfully included on a call list from November 2011. The telemarketing company apparently did not check the Do Not Call list after 30 days.

    The company plans to give the staff legal training and review its procedures.

    Last year, a man in Britain successfully sued telemarketing cold callers after recording the phone calls and sending the company an invoice that charged them about 16 dollars per minute the callers spent talking to him on the phone.
    The company wouldn't pay him so he filed a suit and won in small claims court.