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    NASA Testing Humanoid Robot in Space

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    NASA is testing a humanoid robot in space.

    Robots might very well be taking over the world in future.

    Recently, NASA released a striking image from the International Space Station.

    A human-like robot is seen solely managing a task board. The photo was shot during a series of tests for the first humanoid robot in space.

    Dubbed Robonaut 2, it spent the day in the International Space Station's Destiny laboratory. Team members tested the robot by remotely sending commands for it to operate the task panel.

    NASA wants to explore how far robotic capabilities can be used in space. The human form and movement allows it to control the task board the same way as any human would.

    Robots are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
    A radical humanoid is scheduled to make an appearance in March of 2013.

    Dubbed 'Roboy', it will be a tendon based robot which will allow for smoother, human-like movements. It is slated to be a service robot, working with humans and carrying out duties that that the owner requests.