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    New Stomach Pump Promises a Radical Approach to Weight Loss

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    by Geo Beats

    A new stomach pump promises a radical approach to weight loss.

    A tube system designed to be surgically placed inside a person’s stomach in an effort to help them lose weight has been successfully tested on several patients.

    Although the system doesn’t have Food and Drug Administration approval yet, the results have shown that it can assist patients with weight loss.

    The tube needs to be manually pumped out with a syringe after each meal.

    This process results “in a siphon effect, which permits the subject to freely drain the stomach by allowing the open tube to empty into a bucket.”

    A woman who took part in study lost 83 pounds during the 59 weeks that she had the tubes in her stomach.

    She had to empty the tube after every meal, and she had to squeeze the tube to get the larger pieces of food to go through.

    A new study shows that obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery are more likely to become addicted to drugs.

    Many obese people are binge eaters with addictive personalities.

    After weight loss surgery, they may stop overeating, but still feel the need to compensate in some other way like using drugs.