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    Man Creates Special Brew for Dogs

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    A man creates a special brew for dogs.

    Who doesn't like beer and dogs?

    One male beer fanatic in Bend, Oregon decided to create a special brew for his beloved canine companion.

    Daniel Keeton is a regular sight in Boneyard Brewery's tasting room. Wishing to include his dog, Lola Jane in his beer drinking endeavors, Keeton opted to make his pooch a special beer-like concoction.

    Lola Jane eagerly and continuously lapped up her liquid treat. That idea made the Bend native an entrepreneur. Keeton initiated his own company, dubbed ‘Dawg Grog’ and recently signed on his very first retail customer.

    Although there is no alcohol in the mixture, the organic dog brew consists of water, spent grain from Boneyard Brewery and low-sodium vegetable broth. A pack of six bottles will cost dog loving customers $36.

    In another report involving bizarre brewing concoctions, a microbrewery in Colorado is about to go national with their beer that features bull testicles as an ingredient. Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado produces a beer known as Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, which is another name for deep fried bull testicles.
    The beer started out as an April Fool's Joke and turned into a marketable beverage, which will be sold in packs of two.