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    Woman Finds Man Was Living in Her Home's Crawlspace

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    A woman learns that a man had been living in her crawlspace.

    You think you know everyone living in your house? Don't be so sure.

    Recently, a 73-year-old, Washington woman was stunned after she learned that a complete stranger had been residing underneath her home.

    She had purchased a new furnace, but her house remained cold. She contacted a serviceman, who discovered empty alcohol containers in the crawl space and alerted the lady that someone had taken up residence underneath her home.

    The elderly homeowner states “They cut the duct so that the warm air was blowing down on them. They were getting all my warm air from the front of the house.” She was forced to pay $500 to have her ducts fixed due to the unknown culprit’s actions.

    Last year, another man was discovered living under a woman’s trailer home. 47-year-old, Christian Hobbs of Massachusetts had been spying on a woman who had recently purchased the trailer from him.

    According to police, Hobbs had cut holes in the in the floor and had resided in a makeshift space for two days. During his stay, he had videotaped the female homeowner while she was in the bathroom.