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    Climbers in Scotland Get 'Poo Chute'

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Climbers in a Scotland park can use a poo chute.

    When you are out in the wilderness, what do you do when the nature calls and what happens to the waste?

    Cairngorms National Park in the United Kingdom has come up with an option.

    Officials have installed something known as a “poo chute”, which allows outdoor enthusiasts to deposit their waste. Concerns of contamination arose after feces were discovered in holes that had been dug in the snow.

    The chute allows park visitors to grab a bag and a screw-top bottle before continuing on with their walk. On the descent, climbers can deposit the waste down the sterilized chute.

    A park official states “with increasing numbers now enjoying the Scottish winter hills, snow hole sites are sadly becoming environmental disaster areas”.

    This isn’t the first time that poo has posed a problem. Last year, residents in Kent, United Kingdom complained to the council about the abundance of canine waste.
    Officials considered having dog masters submit DNA samples from their pet to authorities. Pooch owners could then be prosecuted with the indisputable waste evidence.