Miniature Doll House Carved Inside Guitar

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See this miniature doll house which is carved inside of a guitar.

Creativity can blossom in the most unexpected places.

An Australia based company, Fairy Meadow Miniatures designs dollhouses and accessories.

While all of the creations are extremely detailed and life-like, one dollhouse in particular really stands out. The miniature home resides inside of a guitar.

The front frame of the instrument is carved wide open. The inside of the guitar reveals two floors. Downstairs is a messy, pink room complete with a desk, open dresser and end table.

The small details include family photographs, papers strewn around, an old fashioned TV and a miniature guitar resting against the wall.

In the upstairs area, a cushioned, patterned chair is placed in the center. A side table is placed next to the seat while vintage photographs take up residence on the wall. A miniature guitar is mixed in with the clutter.

The guitar dollhouse was created for one of the designer’s daughters.

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