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    US Dollar Bills to Get the Most Unusual Signature Yet

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    The US dollar bills may get the most unusual signature yet.

    President Barack Obama's choice for the new Treasury Secretary is Jack Lew.

    Once appointed, Lew's signature will appear on the lower right side corner of newly printed one dollar bills.

    He's not kidding - case in point - his signature is just a few crooked loops that are not even close to resembling his name.

    Lew’s signature has been brought up in the media for it’s unusual style when it surfaced in September of 2011 on a government memo, and now look out for it on one dollar bills.

    48 percent of the US currency notes are one dollar bill denominations.

    Single dollar notes last about 18 months in circulation, compared with 20 dollar bills that last for about 4 years before they are removed from circulation due to wear and tear.

    The reason they last so long is because the bills are a blend of materials including cotton and linen, which makes them sturdy enough to withstand going through a laundry cycle and not being damaged like paper.

    What do you think of Jack Lew’s signature being on your one dollar bills?