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    State Wants Mandatory Cursory Writing Curriculum

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Indiana lawmakers are proposing a bill for mandatory cursive curriculum.

    Beautiful cursive writing is thought to be a thing of the past.

    Well lawmakers in Indiana are proposing a bill which would make the teaching of cursive writing in schools mandatory.

    The state Department of Education previously dropped cursive as part of the curriculum in 2011, leaving the decision to teach the writing form up to school districts. A state senator, Jean Leising disagreed with that decision and wants to make it a requirement to teach cursive in all district and accredited private schools.

    Leising worries that if cursive writing is not taught, students will not be able to read it. She states “ I use an iPad, I have a laptop, but I still have a yellow pad of sticky notes. And if I write a note to my intern I expect him to be able to read that message.”

    Many educators worry the focus of children’s learning has shifted to the world of technology. Student curriculum is focused around computers, which give them a comfortable familiarity with block letters, but not cursive.

    Officials are concerned about original historical documents which were hand written. Future historians would not be able to read those accounts.