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    Los Roques Is Perhaps the Next Bermuda Triangle

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Los Roques may be the next Bermuda Triangle.

    The disappearance of an airplane carrying Italian fashion designer Vittorio Missoni and reports of other mysterious airplane traffic problems occurring in the area between between Los Roques in the Caribbean, and Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, have led to comparisons with the infamous Bermuda triangle.

    From the 1990’s until the most recent disappearance, at least 15 other incidents of plane crashes, disappearances, or emergency calls coming from that area have been reported.

    The most drastic incident occurred in 2008, when 14 people died in a plane crash.

    The wreckage of the crash was never discovered and only one passenger’s body was found.

    The mysterious events are causing comparisons to places like the Bermuda Triangle, which is mythically known as a place where boats and planes frequently go missing or crash.

    Other locations around the world that are also supposedly host to unusual happenings include the Devil’s Sea off the coast of Japan, the Michigan Triangle located in Lake Michigan, and Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean.