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An artist's detailed doodles include thousands of Japanese cartoons.

One extremely talented artist is taking doodling to a whole new level.

The Japanese artist creates illustrations using traditional pen and ink.

With an emphasis on historical figures, statues and ancient Greek sculptures, the faces and bodies are clearly depicted in the artwork. However the most unique aspect is the thousands of smaller, mostly Japanese characters and cartoons that are drawn into the figures’ bodies, faces and in the background.

Those tiny individual characters are drawn so close together that they create a scene similar to an abstract canvas that the large figure radiates from.

One of his illustrations depicts the Statue of Liberty as the main focus. Inside the face and body of the pictured statue are small cartoon like drawings which combine together to make out the facial features and body form. Even the fingers are derived from the differing miniature illustrations.

The artist also created a Mona Lisa portrait. The whimsical cartoon characters are seen upon close up view. They reside on her face, hair, body and in the background.

When his works are viewed from a distance, they come across like fine artwork, as the smaller characters serve as a form of shading in all of the right places.