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    World's Largest Human Gathering - Kumbh Mela

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    Kumbh Mela - check out the the world's largest gathering of people.

    Some of the largest events in the world attract hundreds of thousands of people.

    But even they can't compare to what takes place in India every 12 years during the months of January and February

    Known as Kumbh Mela in India, this year, the festival is expected to attract anywhere from 15 to 20 million people over the span of 55-days.

    20 first aid centers and more than a dozen hospitals were established in the area as a precautionary measure.

    Security is also a big focus - a festival official stated “Unprecedented security arrangements have been put in place to ensure security of the people.”

    The authorities have estimated that the first day alone attracted more than 8 million people.

    According to the BBC, roughly 30,000 police officers were stationed in the area.

    Kumbh Mela means "pitcher festival". It is the largest Hindu pilgrimage and possibly the largest gathering of human beings on planet earth for a single event.

    Holy men, known as Sadhus, are an important part of Kumbh Mela. They cover themselves in ashes before they bathe at different spots along the sacred Ganges River as they believe that bathing in the river cleanses them of their sins.