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    New Hybrid Chicken Is Introduced in Uganda

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    A new hybrid chicken is introduced in Uganda.

    Through innovative means, we have been able to change even the most fundamental aspects of our world.

    Government officials in Uganda have unveiled new hybrid chickens that can produce both eggs and meat.

    The aim of the project is to increase productivity of impoverished households and help rural farmers. An official speaks of the new chicken breed stating “It performs very well under scavenging management system and has been genetically selected to provide both meat and eggs and is able to survive and thrive on agricultural and household waste, requiring no additional feed.”

    It is also said to produce four times as many eggs and they will grow double the size of normal chickens, allowing for twice as much meat.

    The project plans to hand out chickens to around 236,000 people during the first year. 700,000 residents are expected to receive the new chickens during the second year.

    Chickens are in short supply in many countries. Several months ago, people began taking advantage of the low supply and high local prices of chicken in Iran by selling the meat on the black market for exorbitant prices.