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    Detroit Auto Show: The Women Behind The smart Brand

    Ccm-news Byron

    by Ccm-news Byron

    These two women only have one topic on thier mind when ever they meet. Cars!
    Not just any cars, but these little, practical vehicles. And when it comes to comparing these cars to the bigger ones, head of smart Annette Winkler and General manager of Smart USA, Tracey Matura; even compete with the smiles on their cars.

    At first sight, you can see that they are full of passion for the smart brand. And that passion allso runs deep with the people who give the cars thier distinctive look, feel and overall design.

    Annete Winkler has been responsible for the smart brand since 2010. And through her, the face of smart has changed. She's presented many innovative concept cars,
    models that have unique options, and the electric drive has become an serious car.
    And the slogan is special too.

    This movement can also be seen with in the growth of the smart brand in the US market. Tracy Matura is responsible for the big success and this year should be no different than last.

    Looking forward, it is easy to say that we can expect a lot from Annette Winkler, Tracey Matura and Smart!