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    Pneumatic Wave Machine Plantroom tour at Windsor


    by MrUNIXMan

    This is the 1st Wave machine plantroom I ever been in to due to my long term fascination for wave machines. The Wave machine is a very long term interests about 27 years which was forgotten in the past until I was reminded by Letchworth Leisure Pool's wave machine. Since then Extensive Research has been carried out on the wave machines.

    I believe these wave machine has a bellow inside the chambers due to way it sounded inside the active chamber on the field recording. I would love to place a camera inside these chambers to see if there is a bellow inside it. Public Swimming session makes this stuff awkward.

    I 1st been to this pool at 9 years old with a brother from Wraysbury. This pool is also a memory link to that time which did cause a deep reflection by being there.