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    Nicki Minaj on Ellen: "I'm Over It" Mariah Carey Feud


    by ClevverMusic

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    Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen Show to dish about the upcoming season of 'American Idol' and clears the air on Mariah Carey for the millionth time! Hey Barbz, you're watching ClevverMusic on YouTube. Season 12 of 'American Idol' begins this week with new judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, and people can't stop talking about their infamous on-camera feud at Idol auditions. When Nicki stopped by to see Ellen DeGeneres, of course Ellen had to ask about the day that the two had the blowout fight. Nicki cleared the air once again saying the two have made up and, "We're fine. I cannot hold a grudge against Mariah Carey." And insisted to Ellen that she is "over it". Nicki reiterated what a big fan of Mariah she has been her whole life namely loves her "Vision of Love" song. As for the future of the show, Nicki said, "I'm not looking forward to live shows... I cannot trust myself." She doesn't want to come across as crazy saying, "I'm not a crazy psycho you guys!" She pleaded. When Ellen asked Nicki who she's dating Nicki hushed up and got really quiet. She's not one to talk about her personal life and wouldn't give Ellen a name to her boyfriend. She cleared up, "I'm not married" and went further insisting that she is single. Nicki also took the stage at Ellen to perform her new song "Freedom", the same one she performed at the AMAs just a few months ago. So what did we learn from this interview? If you're hoping for more feuding on the 'Idol' panel, don't get your hopes up. Will you be watching the Season 12 premiere? Let us know! Thanks for watching our channel, we love you guys. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic! See you next time with more music news.