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    Classic Game Room - PROJECT OVERKILL review for PlayStation


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Project Overkill review. Shop CGR shirts and hats Classic Game Room reviews PROJECT OVERKILL from Konami released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation PS1. Project Overkill is a top down action that features an army of mercenaries working for a futuristic corporation called Terracom whose mission is to un-populate a planet for colonization in a "Project Overkill"! Fans of mid-90s action games like Crusader: No Remorse will Project Overkill's hilariously flamboyant, ultra-violent style. Your four mercenaries pack serious firepower like machine guns, laser beams and guided missiles that are used to eliminate enemy guards, monsters, robots and slime creatures. Players choose their path of destruction through the game as they unlock new missions in the single player campaign which should take any veteran gamer many hours to complete. The four mercenaries in the game are from different worlds and supposedly have different strengths but in reality they all play the same. The girl of the bunch is named Althea Timmeron who is a "transhumant" demolitions expert who shows pyromaniacal tendencies. Quogg S'Sethinon is a hybrid, genetic breed Saurian infantry combat specialist. Laslow Kreeg is an Earthling armsman who was given mind-altering drugs to increase aggression. The final mercenary is Jendryk Epsilon, a Tykarian (spelling?) assassin nicknamed "The Incubis" after a legendary demon that was used to kill victims in its sleep.