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    How to Market a Cafe - Best way to Market a Cafe

    Nils Garver

    by Nils Garver

    How to Market a Cafe
    Wondering How to Market a Cafe? Struggling to make ends meet? Are you working your guts out 18 hours per day and not getting the profits you want and deserve. It doesn't have to be a 7 day per week, 20 hour per day job! Shannon shares his 30+ years of experience in sales and marketing and applies it to the restaurant industry. Shannon grew up in restaurants and has a broad and thorough understanding of the industry and it's nuances. Learn how to make your customers always want more. Learn how to get your customers to come back more frequently. Learn How to get more customers. Learn How to get your customers to spend more when they are at your establishment.
    Cafe marketing in today's day is not easy, it is a complex and difficult task to navigate without guidance. Trial and error marketing or as Shannon likes to call it "hope marketing" (build a restaurant and hope they will come) doesn't work anymore. In the day and age of mobile restaurant review mechanisms and online review systems as well as active social media platforms, a single mis-step can be fatal. Shannon explores a variety of ideas and questions that you as a restaurant or cafe owner should be asking and working on daily in your business. See the rest of Shannon's video's by visiting:
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