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    Raw Helicopter Footage Before The Sandy Hook Shooting - Scene Set Up Before Shooting


    by US-2012

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    Steadicam telescopic video of helicopter at the Sandy Hook event. What is happening here? This video has commentary included.

    A number of interesting deductions have been made from this recently discovered steadicam helicopter footage:

    1) Shadows seem to indicate that the helicopter footage was shot well before the official time of the massacre.

    2) The fire truck is marked as being from another state - even though the school is on the same road as a local fire station!

    3) There is only one police car near the school (drive is not shown) - but it has no police department insignia on it. A prop?

    4) There are no bodies, no blood, no body bags, no injured, nobody being interviewed, nobody being evacuated, one ambulance with no activity. [The same scene of complete inactivity can be seen in other photos and video of the nearby fire station.]

    5) Why would the police cordon off Christopher Rodia's car? They knew it did not belong to Adam Lanza or Ryan Lanza, according to police radio archives. And Rodia was not considered a suspect in the shooting.

    6) If it was unknown who or where the shooter(s) are, why is everyone milling casually in the open? No defensive perimeter? Might not shooters be hiding in the woods?