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    Future Cops (1993) - Part 1/13


    by Mini_Mia

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    Cantonese movie that has no real plot, based on the Street Fighter characters. Funny stuff if you don't have high standards. :)

    Synopsis: In the year 2043, a notorious villain is about to be put on trial and convicted by the Judge. His gang of criminal followers decide to go back 50 years in time and look for the Judge in his younger days. They want to kill the young Judge so he won't exist in the future. However, the Future Cops (aka Street Fighters) are also sent 50 years back to protect the young Judge. The problem is, none of the future cops/villians knows who this young boy is or what he looks like, so they infiltrate into the school. The Future Cops befriend a slightly nerdy boy who is always bullied, and gets him to help them find this Judge. The twist is that in fact, this boy is actually the future Judge, but will the Future Cops be able to save him before it's too late?