Diego Buongiorno - "White World" feat. Andrea Sisson | Högni Egilsson

Diego Buongiorno
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Cover photo featuring Goodie Nioorgbun

from "THE BUSH" album
available on iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Bandcamp and all digital stores.

track :24:
"White World" featuring Andrea Sisson | Högni Egilsson
12th single taken from "The Bush"

Written and produced by Diego Buongiorno
Mix engineered by Addi 800 at Room313, Iceland
Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios, UK
Cover photo by Goodie Nioorgbun, Iceland

Music written by Diego Buongiorno
Lyrics by Andrea Sisson/Diego Buongiorno
Music arrangement by Diego Buongiorno

Ava’s voice performed by Andrea Sisson
Vocals performed by Högni Egilsson
Piano, bass, synths and electronics performed by Diego Buongiorno

Visual #7 filmed and edited by Silvia Morani

This story is the construction of a world.
My door has been open, and I’m not going back through.
I hope you feel comfortable.
I hope you think of yourself, and your life,
and I hope it reveals to you doors of the many possibilities, where you see none.
Living in ‘my own world’ allowed me to be something I only thought imaginable,
and when I returned, it was clear that my world was a world that had formed itself around me.
One thing I can hope is that what I have felt, imagined, and believed this world to be
can one day be mirrored in the world and the people around me.
This is my imagination
It can see the future, ten futures at once
And then I will go on a jog and see more and learn more and come back
and will have grown ten feet taller in the hour
And will need to show you more.
And the rain will wake me
Because I am able to hear it in my sleep.
And the sun will calm me
Because I am able to feel it in my grief.
It will lift me.
I wont have to think much
Or conclude or dismiss or rule out
I will wait for my idea to find its place, to plug in.

My mouth is the door is the door
To a perfect place
To a perfect place
It’s filled with dreams and lust and grace
Creatures call you hiding in the dark
Distant songs of a lonely lark
Run for my life 'till you’re out of sight
Run for my life 'till you’re through the night
I’ll guide you to I’ll guide you to my brain

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