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    Diego Buongiorno - "Untitled#68" feat. The Irrepressibles

    Diego Buongiorno

    per Diego Buongiorno

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    Cover photo featuring Alex Stoddard

    from "THE BUSH" album
    available on iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Bandcamp and all digital stores.

    track :15:
    "Untitled#68" feat. The Irrepressibles
    3rd single taken from "The Bush"

    Written and produced by Diego Buongiorno
    Mix engineered by Addi800 at Room313, Iceland
    Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios, UK
    Cover photo by Alex Stoddard, California

    Music written by Diego Buongiorno
    Lyrics by Diego Buongiorno

    Strings, vocals and electronics arrangement by Jamie McDermott

    The Irrepressibles:
    Vocals performed by Jamie McDermott
    Violin performed by Jordan Hunt
    Viola performed by Charlie Stock
    Cello performed by Nicole Robson
    Electronics performed by Jamie McDermott

    The Irrepressibles’s recording session footage filmed by Jamie Fraser
    The Irrepressibles’s recording session photoset shot by Super Mega Action Plus
    Thanks to Marty Bales, artist management for The Irrepressibles

    I want to drink your tears
    I want you to scream my name
    I want to take your sweat in my arms
    I want winters
    I want violence
    I want a safe place
    I want to see you run
    I want pain
    I want to forget
    I want to be forgotten
    I want doubts
    I want to do what i have done
    I want the rain at night
    I want to wake up with your blood in my mouth
    I want to sleep in a withe cloud
    I want a quiet corner
    I want to call you love
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